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due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation the Club is now closed until further notice. We will re-open as soon as possible.


A warm welcome to wilsden squash club

We are a small but friendly squash club serving Wilsden and the surrounding area. We welcome members of all abilities, ages and social backgrounds. The Club has over 100 members and is active in both Squash and Racketball (Squash 57) at social and competitive league levels. We believe that with our very competitive membership fees we offer exceptional value for money compared to similar clubs in neighbouring areas.

Wilsden Squash Club

Hello, let's meet up!

Thanks for your interest in joining us. We would love the opportunity to show you around the Club. To help us arrange this with you please complete your contact details and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

Check out our very competitive membership rates

(membership starts in october, fees pro-rata thereafter. membership is paid annually in advance)


£75 /year

24/7 court access, online booking system, licensed bar with TV and shower/changing facilities


£25 /year

24/7 court access, online booking system, licensed bar with TV and shower/changing facilities


£25 /year

court access to play metro league matches, licensed bar with TV and shower/changing facilities


£15 /year

access to club, licensed bar with TV

You’re on fire. You’re chasing every ball, thriving on adrenaline as the rally goes on, enjoying banter with your mate and getting fit without thinking about it. This is sport as you’ve never experienced before. Whether you want to get your squash thrill back or pick up a racket for the first time, you’ll find squash an exciting, indoor court-based game for all ages and abilities. All you need is a ball, a racket, a friend and a wall. Squash is a great upper and lower body workout, strengthening muscles and burning up to 800 calories per hour and if you’re seeking a slightly slower version of the game, there’s a growing Racketball community.

Racketball is the UK’s fastest growing sport. It is played on a regular squash court and is very similar to squash. The main differences to squash are the size of the ball (a Racketball is a similar size to a tennis ball) and the length of the racket (Racketball rackets are shorter). The fact that the ball is bigger, more bouncy and does not need warming up means that the rallies last longer as the ball moves slower giving the opponent more time to react and get to the ball. The shorter racket also helps with hand eye co-ordination making the ball easier to strike. Overall this makes the game much easier to pick up than many other sports like squash or tennis, however Racketball may be easy to learn but is very difficult to master!

Here's what a couple of our new members had to say about Wilsden Squash Club

Tom H

, joined 2019

Without question Wilsden Squash Club is a great place to get involved with. The facilities are top notch, the regulars welcoming and the beer is cheap. I joined as a novice and was invited to play some established members who offered advice and guidance. The people at the Club have become friends who are up for drinks, social events and tournaments. I really enjoy my time at the Club and would definitely encourage anyone interested to join in.


, joined 2019

Wilsden Squash Club has been a completely welcoming and enjoyable experience. The regulars are (in a short period) like long standing friends who create opportunities for players at all levels, including mine. As a single person it's been such a pleasure to join a club that links people together who would otherwise struggle to find a willing and able participant.

here's answers to some frequently asked questions

What Equipment Do I Need

All you need is a pair of non-marking court shoes (very important!), a racket, a ball and sports wear that you will be comfortable running around in. We sell suitable court shoes at the bar.​

How Much Does Cost To Play

In addition to the annual membership fee there is also a small fee for the lights. The lights are operated by tokens which cost £3.50 for 20 mins play and can be purchased from the bar. A standard squash/racketball match lasts 40 mins so that's only £3.50 per person per match!

What Racket Should I Buy

The cost of rackets varies tremendously and can range anywhere from £15 to £200. A racket is a very personal choice as there are different head sizes, weights and balances. For example a head heavy racket may produce more power but may not be to everyone's taste as it may feel less manoeuvrable. We can provide advice on racket choice and sell rackets at the bar.

What Ball Should I Use

We recommend Dunlop balls for squash and Price balls for racketball. Squash balls are graded as follows: Max, Progress, Competition (single yellow dot) and Pro (double yellow dot). A common mistake for new squash players is to use a Pro ball straight away which may reduce initial enjoyment of the game as the ball has less hang time and needs to be hit hard to warm up. New players are encouraged to initially use either a Max or Progress ball whilst they get used to the game. Price racketballs are coloured blue for general play and black (single yellow dot) for competition play. We can provide advice on which ball to use and sell balls at the bar.

health benefits

Here are some key health benefits from playing squash/Racketball on a regular basis. Click below for more information.



Helps Achieve WEIGHT LOSS


Improves Cardiovascular Health

Increases Strength & Stamina

Helps Weight Loss

Promotes Mental Wellbeing

Our Facilities

Our facilities include two hard back squash courts with 24/7 access and viewing gallery, an online booking system, changing & shower facilities and a licensed bar with TV. Click below for more information.

We have two hard back courts both with viewing areas. Both our courts are in good condition and are cleaned regularly to ensure they are free of dust. Please note only non marking shoes are allowed to be worn on court.

easy online booking!

We use the eBooking system for court bookings, internal league management and member communications. This means you can view court availability, view the members' directory and manage your court bookings via PC, tablet or mobile device. There is also an eBooking terminal located in the bar area if you would prefer to do this at the Club. All members (apart from social/metro members) get free access to this system.


We have a licensed bar which offers a wide range of bottled alcoholic/soft drinks and bar snacks at very reasonable prices. The bar is usually open Monday-Thursday from 7pm and remains open whilst there is demand. We encourage members to relax in the bar area and re-hydrate after a tough match! You can also purchase light tokens and equipment such as rackets, grips, balls and shoes from the bar. If you need something squash related we probably have it or can get it for you. Please note the bar accepts cash, cheques and contact-less card payments.

Our Services

We can provide adult and junior coaching on an individual or group basis. We also offer a racket re-stringing service. Click below for more information.

As with any sport it is always useful to have coaching either to introduce you to the sport and teach you the basics or to improve your technique which can increase your overall enjoyment of the game. We offer a number of options when it comes to coaching including introductory lessons, group coaching (junior/adult) or individual coaching (junior/adult).   


Improve your skills with coaching...

Please complete the form with your coaching requirements (it helps to include as much information as possible) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

String Tension

There is a common misconception that a higher string tension gives greater power, however the reverse is true because the string works like a trampoline – the lower the tension the greater the rebound effect. A racket strung at a lower tension will provide more power than one at a higher tension and is generally better for players still developing their game whilst a higher tension provides greater control and is more applicable for advanced players who are aiming for precise length and width. Every racket comes with a recommended string tension which is sometimes listed on the racket throat or frame. The recommended tension for squash rackets is usually between 20lbs-35lbs. In general larger racket heads will require higher tension than smaller ones in order to achieve comparable playability levels. Racket strings lose tension over time, even if they are not in use.

String Gauge

Thin strings are more powerful but do tend to be less durable so can work out more costly to use as more frequent restrings may be required. Thicker strings are more resistant but as they are generally less powerful there is a trade off. Squash strings range from 1.06mm – 1.30mm thickness. Thicker strings are available but these are really designed for tennis or racketball rackets with larger heads.

Natural Gut vs. Synthetic Strings

Natural gut strings have great resilience and offer good control and touch. They do tend to be more commonly used in tennis rackets and can be very costly. Most squash and racketball rackets come pre-strung by the manufacturers with synthetic strings and there are several types available i.e. monofilament (one solid piece), multifilament (many pieces intertwined) or nylon.

We offer a quality racket stringing service here at the Club. This service is provided by club member Harjinder Gata-Aura who is a keen squash and racketball player himself. Harj strings squash rackets for his son Taminder (who turned professional in 2013) and his fellow professional squash players. Harj can string other racket types including racketball and badminton. There are different stringing options available and Harj is always happy to offer advice should you require it. You can even supply your own string if desired. Harj can also fit new grips, grommet sets and bumper strips. Harj uses a quality electronic stringing machine.

Restringing Enquiry

For all your stringing needs...

Please complete the form with your stringing requirements (it helps to include as much information as possible) and Harj will get back to you as soon as he can.

Examples of Strings We Can Supply and Fit

Ashaway Power Kill Pro

Ashaway Power Kill Pro has been introduced for the professional level player. It is a tough string which uses Power Filament Technology and Zyex fibres to offer ultimate durability, power and string tension maintenance.

Ashaway Super Kill XL

Ashaway Super Kill XL offers a combination of a multifilament core and double braided nylon polymers. Super Kill XL string provides tension stability, ball control and durability.

Ashaway Super Nick XL

Ashaway Super Nick XL offers soft playability with a textured surface, delivering optimum ball control and excellent resilience in all rackets. Super Nick XL has a multifiliment construction for gut-like performance.

Technifibre 305 Plus

Tecnifibre 305+ provides maximum comfort with 400% elasticity and better feel, as well as anti-abrasion coating for increased durability. In addition, 400% elasticity provides the dynamic performance needed.

Technifibre 305

Tecnifibre 305 provides more comfort and a better feel, as well as anti abrasion coating for increased durability. 305 has a thin gauge for higher ball speed and maximum shock absorption, with the highest content of polyurethane.

R-A-B Sensor Fibre

RAB Sensor Fibre HD offers sensational power and feel. Small fibres are formed together by a unique chemical and heat process. The material is saturated with polyurethane, twisted and time cured to create exact string memory.

Our Sponsors

Many thanks to our sponsors for their continued support. If you think you can help us with sponsorship please get in touch.

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